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March 28th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

I am very excited to announce that Prostate Mate is coming out with a new prostate massager that is going to combine their vibro-sonic technology with a kegel-exerciser for men so you can develop pc muscle strength while healing your prostatitis at the same time.  They have the very best massagers out there, but of course they don’t develop pc strength like the Aneros or High Island Health products – until now!  I can’t wait to get my hands on one and try it out.

The strength of your pc muscles is very critical for your sexual health.  I am not an advocate of tensing them to stop ejaculation although doing so on the exhale can be beneficial at times.  Rather, I am a fan of developing their strength in order to get rid of unnecessary tension and in order to squeeze the prostate for health purposes.

Speaking of sex toys, I was in The Pleasure Chest store today and bought some new condoms made from polyisoprene.  In the past your choices were limited to either latex or lambskin – the advantage of lambskin is that it allows the heat and energy radiating from your penis to be felt by the woman.  Also, latex is toxic and irritates the inside of a woman and probably contributes to cervical cancers, although nobody has proved it yet.  The other alternatives are condoms made from nitrile, and polyurethane or polypropylene.  Polyisoprene is the latest incarnation in this line.  I am sure they will not transmit penile chi, yet they protect against STDs in addition to pregnancy, whereas lambskin does not.


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