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March 8th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

Instead of talking about the usual saw palmetto and other prostate topics, let me talk about a video I saw that I found very moving.


A friend posted this on my Facebook wall and I decided to watch it and it really got to me because of the realness of the human emotion expressed in it. Naturally the world is filled with violence and human suffering – and documentaries on the subject are nothing new, but most documentaries have this hardness to them – basically we see interviews with people so traumatized they can no longer cry. They are always being documented as the product of their trauma – meaning by the time the camera catches them they are either zombies, slaves, or else have become predators themselves. You will rarely find a camera that captures the space between both cause and effect: When young Jacob starts to cry, it really brought me to tears because that Jacob was us at one point or another and most of us have forgotten it.

Something came to kidnap most of us in the night, if we are honest with ourselves…

Documentaries with the honest intent to educate and inform, such as The VICE Guide To Liberia – as incredible as they are, lack the “crying Jacobs” and therefore inadvertently¬† misuse the viral power of the internet as a tool for exploitation and apathy.


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