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March 1st, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

A lot of my customers purchase Prostate Magic after having tried everything else out there such as saw palmetto and not getting results.  Sometimes they have taken beta sitosterol for months with no result.  Then the take my product and get relief and noticeable results really fast.  I boast about this in my sales copy.  However, for some people results may not come so quickly and this is nothing to be alarmed about.  The reality is that everybody has a prostate that is in a different condition.  Some people have spent years (without realizing it of course) “growing” their prostates.  Consequently, it just doesn’t make sense to expect incredible results overnight.  It may take a few bottles.

I hate to write this and I wish there was a pill that fixed everything in one shot but it just isn’t like that.  All I can do is offer daily support with these blog posts, an invitation to email me with questions, and a suggestion to use the Prostate Mate on a daily basis.  The main thing is to realize that persistent daily effort is what gets the job done.  Like losing weight, putting on muscle… persistent daily effort is like interest compounding in a bank account.


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