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February 29th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

I have spoke in the past about what a great prostate supplement magnesium chloride is.  I have also talked about how my favorite brand is Concentrace and that I consume the stuff orally every day.  I take about 500mg of it.  But, one of my friends, life coach Jay Cataldo suggested that I rub it into my skin in addition, because when you rub it into the skin, you get a massive boost in DHEA production that you don’t get from drinking it.  DHEA is great for a man, as opposed to saw palmetto which will mess with your hormones.

So today I started rubbing 500mg worth of it additionally on my skin.  I have every brand in my house, from Ancient Minerals to TransDermal bath crystals.  I have drank them all, and rubbed them all into my skin.  Concentrace is still my favorite.  One feels even more powerful when the daily dosage of magnesium chloride suddenly goes up to 1,000mg.  One shouldn’t go too high, as one can find one’s heart may speed up a bit because magnesium is like fuel for the heart.

Magnesium chloride is great for so many things, but it’s especially good for hormones and prostate health.  Really, it’s good for like almost everything – it’s insane… I just want to focus on prostate and hormone health here.


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