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February 21st, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

I never went to Stop & Shop although I did see them the last time I was in Florida.  I drove past them on the way to shop at Whole Foods.  Now I feel like an ass, because I discovered they have this new division called www.peapod.com which I am super-excited to try.

I spend a lot of time shopping for cheap, quality groceries.  Since I live in Manhattan, everything is so damn expensive.   It isn’t like I live in the ghetto where I can find cheap quality groceries.  When I say ghetto I should have said “anywhere in Brooklyn” because there are tons of amazing places out there to shop for quality stuff on the cheap.

But it takes a lot of time to journey to Big Apple Meat Market or Trader Joe’s.  I looked into Fresh Direct, but they are so expensive and have zero selection.  Then today while searching for more information on the fact that the Manhattan Trader Joe’s delivers, I stumbled upon Peapod.  Not only do they have a fantastic selection, including organic and environmentally-friendly stuff, but their prices are low.  Now I can save time and have all my groceries delivered to me without spending a ton of cash!  In case you are wondering, they don’t carry prostate supplements like saw palmetto.



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