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February 23rd, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

As I have said before, there is more to solving deep prostate problems then just taking saw palmetto or any other supplement – even though the symptoms of any prostate problem can be abated with a product like Prostate Magic and massage with a device like the aneros or the Prostate Mate.

The journey to healing the deep issues bound up in the prostate have more to do with awakening the primal forces in you that went to sleep a long time ago and integrating them.  You’ll hear this term “integration” a lot in the realm of energy work, and what it really translates into is: “express this aspect of yourself without running afoul of society in a manner that would have detrimental consequences to your life or property.” lol

A crude yet wonderful example is that as a man you are at certain times attracted to certain women, and in a certain way which would not be – were it not for the fact that they are attracted to you as well.  This primal energy that reaches out from two people and attempts to connect them is something you need to act on, for if you don’t, you suffer.  But society has us so bound up, that you have to figure out how to “honor” (another fancy term for “satisfy”) this aspect of yourself without the woman reacting in a negative way.  Because you don’t just want to express this energy, you want her to accept  your expression as well in a way that will  lead to mutual fulfillment.


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