See your doctor regularly to check for prostate cancer!The choice is yours: You can continue to take saw palmetto and beta-sitosterol extractions while waiting patiently for results, or you can get your real masculine self back with a safe, easy-to-swallow tablet that's more effective than anything out there!
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Prostate Supplement FAQs

Your shopping cart is a little weird. What's up with that?

My shopping cart uses a very old design, as I've been selling Prostate Magic® online for years. It's as 100% safe and secure as any shopping cart with a modern design, though. You will be emailed your confirmation number after you place your order.

How do you ship my product and how long does it take to get to me?

I understand that you are often in a rush to get relief, so I ship by USPS Priority Mail and it takes 2-3 days to get to you as long as you are inside of the United States. If you are ordering from an international location, it takes 7-10 business days, depending on your country of residence.

Your product seems expensive.

Since you get a free bottle for every bottle you buy, it works out to around $25/bottle which is very competitive. Considering that the products works, it's a steal!

How can Prostate Magic® be made in the USA... if the ingredients are Chinese?

Prostate Magic® is blended, made into tablets and bottled in the USA. The labels are printed in the USA. Some of the ingredients, however, are imported from China. This fact does not take away from the fact the product is made in the USA and I am creating jobs in the USA. :)

Who in their right mind would consume any ingestible originating from China which has such an awful track record for purity, contamination and quality control standards in general?

I am aware that the media likes to hype stories about children's toys tainted with arsenic, and adult supplements spiked with generic Vi*gra. The reality is that product contamination is uncommon, as the Chinese government severly punishes offenders - and the "spiking" of adult supplements with Vi*gra is specifically requested by US companies who later blame their Chinese manufacturer when they find themselves under investigation. My ingredient supplier is based in the USA and has the strictest quality-control standards with the owners boasting incredible personal integrity.

Did you have a prostate condition?

Yes I did. That's why I invented the product. I don't have a prostate condition anymore!

Is Prostate Magic® anti-inflammatory?


Such-and-such website said ______ about Prostate Magic®. What do you say to that?

When you have the #1 prostate support formula on the Internet, people with big names and fancy titles get jealous. So they put up fake "review sites" where they flat-out libel my product, or else make ridiculous insinuations against Prostate Magic® in their "sales letters" without specifically mentioning Prostate Magic® by name.

Is Prostate Magic® safe for diabetics?


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