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January 14th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

Instead of taking saw palmetto, take Prostate Magic and follow the advice on this blog!  Today’s advice is that as a man you should always look at how you interact with women and look if there are any circumstances where you are letting them either dominate over you, or else allowing them to treat you as something other then a sexual being.

If you want to know how a relationship will end, you only need to look at how it begins.  Did you write to a girl on a dating site and it took her 3 months to write back or did she write back but not actually show up to meet you until a few weeks later?  I think you know what the outcome of a relationship will be when you aren’t her #1 choice.  Did you take her out to dinner and several dates before having sex with her?  Then you are looked at as a provider and not a lover – she’ll end up cheating on you one day.  Do women approach the empty seat next to you on the subway and insist that you move over even when there is plenty of room for them – and do you comply?  If you do, do you think it helps the condition of your prostate to be punked-out by a woman?

These are just a few examples of how your prostate reflects your integrity as a man.


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