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March 30th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

I surely don’t feel like talking about prostatitis treatment stuff today.  So what do I feel like yapping about?  I want to talk about the issue of gun control and how it relates to masculine energy and empowerment.  There has been a lot of yabble lately on Facebook about the whole shooting of the kid in Florida with the hoodie, and this situation has given me a big opportunity to observe people’s views on guns since they vomit them up in times like these (including myself lol). In addition, I stumbled upon this 1982 documentary:

Documentaries like this are very anti-gun, and most people who are liberals living in coastal areas (like New York City) are anti-gun.  But why are people so afraid of guns when a guy wielding a kitchen knife is far more dangerous and scary?  I have come to the conclusion that people who are anti-gun are mostly people who have a problem with masculine energy, and taking responsibility for themselves.  Basically, they have fundamental issues with sovereignty.  The gun is a phallic symbol, and a great equalizer.  With a gun, one individual can easily defend himself against a group.  It enables a woman to fight a man, too.

But most people do not trust themselves with this power, nor do they want the responsibility that comes along with it.  It’s the same way in which most people prefer to be a slave than a free man.  Women enjoy being slaves to the state, and men – slaves to women!  They then project their shortcomings onto the general population.  It hit me when I was discussing this subject with a woman who believes that nobody should be allowed to own guns.  I knew I couldn’t win her over with “America used guns to win her independence” or “Every Swiss family owns an assault rifle and the government sponsors competitions and training so that they can fight off a potential invasion.”  So I told her that in certain states, one has the right to shoot a rapist if one see a woman being raped.  You know what her response was?  She said she cannot trust anyone to not shoot her accidentally in such a situation, and would prefer they call the police instead, or else use muscle on her attacker.

Incredible.  But this pattern is seen over-an-over.  The patterns are:

“I don’t want to be responsible for myself so you can’t be responsible for yourself.”

“I don’t trust myself so I don’t trust others.”


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