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Here is a fantastic video that deals with eating to attain perfect health for your entire body – the sort of health that will make sure your old age will be full of health and energy:

A lot of people don’t look ahead to see what life will have in store for them, and this makes sense because there isn’t much to look forward to ultimately, except aging and death. Yet, you do have a choice as to how you can age. If you consume real nutrition every day, there is little reason for your body to degrade. Lift weights to keep your muscle and bone density up as well. Plenty of professional strongmen didn’t hit their peak of strength and health until they were in their 80s. Just look at The Mighty Atom and Slim “The Hammerman.”

The only other factor that is often neglected… is the fact that your body needs to be aligned perfectly. If you operate a machine where mechanical parts are not in alignment, the machine will break. In the human body, nerves get compressed, joint surfaces wear out – and that’s just for starters! Always be on the lookout for the best bodyworkers, bone-setters, chiropractors, etc. you can find and try to attain the lack of tension you find in children. This will do more for your prostate then any saw palmetto product.


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