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February 15th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

Lately I have been working harder then ever at things, and as I write this blog post I am super tired.  I need to go to sleep early for a change, especially since tomorrow is shoulder day at the gym and it is the heaviest day of my monthly shoulder cycle.  Meaning, I will break a personal record tomorrow in the standing military press.  Then I have MMA class after that.   So I will need all the sleep I can get tonight.

I got so tired today that during Continuum class I fell asleep.  LOL!  Class was sucky and boring today anyway as I think the teacher got lazy.  But I will keep going nonetheless.  Plus, today is Valentine’s Day which doesn’t depress me because I am in “upset mode” about my relationship situation every morning I wake up – unless I wake up next to some woman, which unfortunately isn’t every morning. :(

To be honest, I dumped a woman today which is kind of messed up but she chose to confront me today which was like she was asking for it.  I suppose she found it a better option then waiting for me not to give her a Valentine or something and then get super upset about it!  I should have given her a bottle of saw palmetto as a joke.


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