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Whenever someone has issues in their reproductive tissues like this, such as prostate/uterine/ovarian/breast tissues, we know that there is some serious repression and/or misuse of sexual energy.  Much like we knew something was up when former NYC Mayor Giuliani dressed up as a woman and then came down with prostate cancer.

But it is so hard to live an authentic life when you have to struggle and compromise yourself so much just to stay afloat.  How can one be at liberty when one is a slave with few choices or outlets for one's passions?  

Having spent some time in the hospital recently, all I can say is that health and happiness are more important then anything, along with making sure you get old with as few problems as possible.

Weeks after revealing that he has prostate cancer, billionaire investor Warren Buffett tried to reassure thousands of investors Saturday that his Berkshire Hathaway conglomerate will be in good hands after he steps down.

Buffett, 81, addressed nearly 40,000 shareholders at the company’s colorful annual meeting in his hometown of Omaha, Neb., saying his condition is not life-threatening and should not have much effect on his work….More at Buffett reassures investors: 'I feel terrific'


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