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Recently I’ve been involved with a lot of shamanic stuff, and it dawns on me that one of the problems in our society is that we have no rites of passage, and that our development has been hopelessly stunted as a consequence.

This blog post was inspired by some recent articles I have read in the blogosphere as well as in the media decrying how many men live with their friends in a communal living arrangement even into their 40′s.  They spend all their time playing video games, working out, and having sex with as many women as possible while avoiding any sort of commitment or responsibility.  They only work as much as they need to in order to finance their lifestyle.

Arguments go back-and-forth about how feminism has destroyed the foundations for marriage, and how economic shenanigans by prior generations have rendered advancement in society hopeless.

But as usual I don’t feel any of the commentary goes deep enough…

Older models of civilization such as the Native American and the Aboriginal had rites of passage to empower boys so that they would become men.  But modern civilization is constructed to keep both men and women in a perpetual state of childhood.

Now the blogosphere would be in agreement with me on this… but there will be cries of anguish if they ever stumble upon my fundamental platform for change…

You see, the most critical rite of passages are those which involve sexuality.

In more “primitive” societies, young children are encouraged to explore sexuality with each other.  Boys and girls as young as 14 are allowed to have sex without shame or other social hindrances.  By the time they reach the age of 25 or so, everyone has had sex with everyone else and can now pick a partner based on criteria other then sex – in order to birth and raise the next generation.

Allowing those who are at the peak of both innocence and sexual power to develop their sexuality via direct experience free from adult meddling or the influence of pornography allows for many things:

1. Sex is “handled” at the most biologically appropriate time and develops without interference from pre-existing, outside sexual conditioning.

2. Obsessions with sex, neurotic behaviors, and fetishistic indulgences do not develop.

3. Sexual organs mature correctly and unnecessary biological tensions/energetic blockages do not take hold in the human body.

4. This list can go on-and-on… lol  I just want to get you started thinking down the right path!

But our society is so completely messed up, that when children are 14 years old they are forbidden to engage in sexual relations and instead they are made to study, study, study and achieve, achieve, achieve.  Why?  So that they can later be in a socially advantageous position whereby they can afford to “pay” for sex.  This is not spoken to them outright (usually lol) but they are bombarded with this message by modern culture.

The consequence of this absolute idiocy and violation of natural biological imperatives, is that by the time one is 25, instead of focusing on work while settling down to birth and raise the next generation, both men and women are driven to run amok in a pathetic attempt to set right the romantic wrongs of their youth.  Not only is it a little late, but the damage of 10+ years of repression creates legions of sexually retarded and emotionally stunted children trapped in awkward adult bodies, flopping about trying to heal themselves.

Almost none do.

Now this hell might have been stable in a more “Christian dominated” society, where sexual experimentation is stifled, and both virginity and marriage prized.  But once promiscuity and guilt-free divorce were allowed to reign, it was basically “game over.”

Today’s youth… specifically the men, have realized (even if not consciously) that most of them were cheated out of one of the most important rites of passage into manhood – that of a biologically-opportune sexual unfoldment.

It is this that they are rebelling against, even if they are often unaware of the source of their dissatisfaction.  The few brave men who became a part of the so-called “seduction community” in the last decade or so, are a testament to awareness in this regard.

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