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On thing that makes you look older, and is just bad for your health in general is belly fat.  When I was in the hospital for an appendix rupture, I used to wander about and see how messed up people were.  In pretty much every case, people were overweight and had diabetes, followed by heart problems.  So I decided that when I got out, I would make my diet even healthier and I would lose my belly fat.

I have a 31″ waist at 6’1″ but I still have that “middle-aged” gut.  The way I got it, was because some years back when I was lifting weights and skinny, I decided to drink one of those weight-gain drinks.  I didn’t want any chemicals in my body, so I picked one that was naturally sweetened.  It used fructose.  Not high fructose corn syrup, mind you… just fructose.  Fruit sugar.  That’s about as natural as you can get, right?

Sigh… it may be natural, but it’s about the worst thing you can throw into your body.  My system didn’t know what to do with all that sugar, so it stuck it in my belly where it has been sitting for a mighty long time now.  It is said that just having this belly fat puts you at higher risk for all sorts of bullshit even if the rest of you is not fat and muscular!

So the first thing I did when I got out of the hospital and was able to exercise again was I cut out all sugar consumption.  I had pretty much cut out carbs in general and was eating nothing but meat, eggs and vegetables for my main meals but I was eating 1-2 protein bars a day PLUS a gelato. lol  To make matters worse, from time-to-time I would go to Trader Joe’s and pick up some dark chocolate covered peanut butter cups.  WTF…

So I swapped the protein bars for natural whey protein shakes in water and almond milk, and swore off gelato.  Whenever I felt like sticking something in my mouth I would have a natural whey protein shake. I also cut down on the salt, and started using spices from the Indian supermarket in place of salt.  Finally, I cut my beef consumption and increased my chicken and fish consumption.

So with my diet in check I began asking around and doing research, and found out the horrible truth of the matter…  that only one activity can burn off that “stubborn” belly fat.  Sprint training!

As much as I loathe cardio, I figured doing 10 minutes of intense sprint training can’t be too bad.  So when I went to the gym I tried out all the cardio machines.  Here is my review of them:

1.Treadmills: destroys your knee joints due to the impact, and very dangerous to run sprints on because you can slip and fall and knock all your teeth out.

2.Spinning bikes: bad for your prostate, don’t allow full body engagement and generate so much lactic acid only a masochist could get into it.  Pure hell.

3.Stepmills: not good for those with large feet and it is easy to stumble due to the short “stair belt.”

4.Ellipticals: zero impact, you can’t trip and fall, and you can involve your full body.  THE WINNER!

So I settled on using an elliptical, and what I do is I set the flywheel on maximum resistance, warm up for 2 minutes, and then do a 10 minute sprinting session.  The way my sessions work, is I sprint for 30 seconds, then trot for as long as it takes to get my heart rate down to the lower ranges, then sprint again for 30 seconds.  Currently, I can get 4 sprints in a 10 minute session, but as time goes on and I improve, my goal is to be able to sprint for 1 full minute and get 5 sprints in a 10 minute session.

Although I have only done maybe 10 sessions now (I sprint almost every day), I already notice my belly shrinking and when I weighed myself on a digital body fat scale, my BF% dropped by 3% points while my weight stayed constant.  So I will continue to do what I am doing until I reach my BF% goals.


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