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December 23rd, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

I just got back from the gym and I am feeling awesome!  I started doing this system called the 5/3/1 method and I’m really feeling it.  Lifting weights is so good for you, especially squatting because most of us sit around all day and never bend our knees deeply.  Doing squats allows you to get the blood circulation flowing and keep your testosterone up.   Plus, the better you look, the more you will get laid which is good for your reproductive health.  In addition, following a disciplined workout routine that forces you to pit your willpower against heavy iron empowers you to stand up for yourself and chase your goals to completion.  Remember, taking responsibility for the health of your prostate gland takes more then just popping saw palmetto.  You’ve also got to work on all those areas in your life where you are falling short in your resolve to live up to your full potential as a man.  Lifting heavy keeps you in the groove of always reaching to be more then you can be, so once you make working out a habit, you are basically making the achievement of all your goals a habit and a top priority as well.

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