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January 3rd, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

So I was listening to Michael Savage today on the radio and he brought up an interesting thought: why is it that a bunch of farmers in Iowa determine who will run for president?  I know his statement is a gross oversimplification, but am I the only one who thinks the whole “electoral” process is just plain weird?  When I was in high school they tried to teach it to us and nobody seemed to understand it.  All of this stuff about an “electoral college” and adjusting the voting power and all of that…  I think that everybody should just vote and whomever gets the most popular votes wins.  Screw all this stuff about districts and states.  It would make things fun again.   I know someone will say that high-population areas will have too much pull, but all of us are in the same boat these days, and those whose “special interests” actually “matter” (at least to them) have their lobbyists anyway, so where is the harm in just letting all aspects of the presidential election just be a popular vote?  It would give people a taste of real democracy, not “representational” democracy where you vote for people (congressmen and senators) who then make decisions based on lobbying and not popular necessity.   Maybe that’s exactly what they don’t want – to give you the experience of having a vote that actually matters.  They keep us disempowered, and then wonder why prostate problems are always on the rise.  When you get your power back, you’ll get your prostate health back.  Trust me on that one!

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