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So my father has been in the hospital this week. He had an infection in his blood that was very dangerous.  He had been in another hospital 2 years prior with the same infection.  He was there for a week, and they released him with a PICC line and after 2 additional weeks of home antibiotics via the PICC, he was fine.  But at the time he had mentioned to the doctors this swelling that he always had in his left foot and lower leg.  The doctors at that particular hospital said it had nothing to do with his infection, and said his swollen leg was merely a circulation problem.

This “circulation problem” caused all sorts of pain that only reared its’ head in the morning when my father would arise from slumber.   So my father had some veins removed.   The operation didn’t do squat.  As time went on, my father was in more-and-more pain, and suddenly felt like he was growing old and tired.

But in the hospital this week, with his foot swelling up more then ever, the doctors determined that the source of his infection was in fact in the foot after all.  Yet, they were confused as to how he had acquired this infection in the first place.  My father thought long and hard about it as he lay in his bed, and finally remembered that back in 1945 he was bailing hay on a farm in Germany and he was bitten by something in the hay.  His foot swelled up, and his mother took him to see an American military medic who gave him penicillin.  He was supposed to return the following day to complete the course of antibiotics, but the following day the Russians came in and the Americans withdrew.  Apparently the penicillin my father did receive was enough to allow my father’s immune system to keep the infection from spreading – which it did for 65 years!  For 65 years this bacteria had a “base camp” in my father’s left foot, waiting for their time to strike!

When my father told this story to the infectious diseases specialist, he decided to give my father plain old penicillin, as the hybrid form wasn’t doing squat.  Once the old-school stuff kicked in, you could literally watch that foot shrink.  It was amazing!

What’s even more amazing, is that my dad’s other health problems disappeared – no more pain in the morning, and he feels strong and full of energy.

My belief is that life runs in time-loops, and you are always trying to get back to resolve things that went wrong the first time around.  This is why people are always attracted to abusive relationships and drama, because the mind is trying to resolve old wounds.  So you should always help your mind and body out to get back and make things right by following these time loops while being conscious about what is going on.  It’s why I got braces at 38 years old – because I needed to right the damage that was done to me when I was still in Junior High School.

On another note, I think it is a great idea to care for your testicles just as much as you care for your prostate.  I like to give them a daily massage for a few minutes with something like this:

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