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March 12th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

I continue with my experiment of rubbing magnesium oil into my skin and I rub it onto my ribcage so it is close to my internal organs. So far I feel great!

I also have begun taking this barley grass product mixed with cayenne pepper from the Amish people.  I have to say I enjoy eating it with my lunch because I am a huge fan of black pepper and want to transition to something safer.  But you have to be careful with pepper, and make sure it isn’t ground in such a way that it is sharp and “hooked” because then it tends to get caught in your throat and stomach.  But grinding it too fine is just not the same.  So one solution is to use cayenne pepper which is also healthier.

The other condiment modification I wish to make involves trying a new type of black or red salt from Hawaii.  The black salt has high concentrations of charcoal, which is good for detox.  The red salt is high in iron, which is something that we often avoid and don’t know why.  Iron is critical, and as long as you get it from plant sources you don’t run the risk of constipation or anything like that. Naturally, red salt is not a plant source, but the amount of iron is so low it doesn’t matter.

So give some of these suggestions a try and take your prostate supplement!

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