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June 29th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

So today I decided I would color my hair.  I am 41, and the stress of my lifestyle was giving me white hairs on my sideburns, then the sides of my head, and finally some white hairs on the top.  If my hair was out, you can’t really see anything, but when tied back in a ponytail you can see them.  Some people would be like, “You don’t have white hairs.”  However, it was like a situation where someone looks at you and their eye picks up this general vibe that one is getting old and spent – especially when the light hits the hair a certain way.  It’s like all those little white hairs, while still in the minority, cast a shadow over the whole head that says, “Old.”

This sucks because people discriminate against age, and otherwise I look super-young.  Some guy in the hospital the other day when I was visiting my father thought I was 25. lol  But women aren’t guys, and they pick up on these signs of aging.  For example, some woman said to me the other day, “You are getting older, what do you want out of life?”  Do you think she would have asked me this crap if I didn’t have any white hairs?  It’s like people assume you are a certain age and they have all these expectations about who you should be.  Fuck that.

When I told women I was going to color my hair a lot of them are against it.  Even though women I know who are 35 have hair as white as a grandma underneath all that coloring!  They say that, “Men don’t do that sort of thing.”  But in reality they want to take away your youthful confidence, attitude and power so you are not only easier to control, but they also want to take away your options (screwing younger women) for the same reasons.  It’s all about inter-gender power games.

But I don’t listen to what women say, I only pay attention to what they do… so I contacted a woman whom I trust and she was all gung-ho about it and recommended this awesome place which has the best colorist in NYC.  Laura Garwasiuk did such an amazing job and my hair looks totally natural and like my real color.  You don’t want to walk around like one of those dudes who used a fat magic marker to color his hair.  When I was walking home, more women then usual were smiling and checking me out.  My hair looked rich and youthful.  Mind you, my hair is always shiny and healthy, because I use the best custom shampoo made for me by my friend Alexyss K. Tylor.  But even if your hair is shiny and luxurious, too much white needs to be washed away with a stellar color job.

BTW, Alexyss formulates shampoos, scalp treatments, shaving creams and all sorts of things for each individual person.  Everything is all natural using essential oils and no chemicals.  Call her at 404.468.1937 and do a phone consult!


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