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Those who take saw palmetto probably also take PDE-5 inhibitors like Ci*lis.  My opinion, having tried all of them, is that Ci*lis is the best – although I personally only take 10mg when I take Ci*lis.  Most people take 20mg and some people take more.  I find Vi*gra way too strong.  The other day I tried Varden*fil and it gave me one nasty headache.  Wow.  One of the reasons I take only 10mg of Ci*lis is because 20mg gives me a headache – but it is nothing like the headache from 20mg of Varden*fil.  Then the next day, my vision was slightly blurry, for lack of a better adjective.

I have even seen 60mg dosages of Ci*lis for sale online.  I don’t know how anybody could take such a high dosage when 10mg works just fine.  I’d be scared to take that stuff.

One of the cool things about taking these PDE-5 inhibitors is that it allows you to be present in your penis as a man. These drugs over-ride the “armoring” in the smooth muscles and allow you to get erections in situations where you may have an acquired a psycho-somatic blockage against doing so.  Society castrates men without them even realizing it, and PDE-5 inhibitors can allow you to overcome this.



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