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I feel great except I am very upset that I have a tube sticking out of me for the next week. If I can’t be physically active I go crazy! Otherwise, the surgeon did an amazing job and I am totally fine. I just take some light antibiotics every day now. Once the tube comes out, then 8 weeks later they will remove what is left of my appendix via laproscopic surgery which won’t leave any scars.

Normally, someone suffers from appendicitis and it either goes away or one needs to have it surgically removed before it bursts. In my case, I did NOT suffer pain in my appendix – it simply burst. I was not aware of what happened, and all the poisons were spilling into my bloodstream via the abdominal cavity. I was in bed for 3 days as I was nauseous and could not sit up and had no appetite. But after 3 days I could run around again and so I did for the next 4 days, despite the weirdest pains and constant fever. Eventually I went to the ER, and they put me in a CAT scan and discovered the problem.

So the burst appendix cannot be safely removed at that time, as the big problem is that I will die from blood poisoning. So, they drain the poisons out of me in surgery, and install the tube to make sure every last bit of poison is removed from my abdomen. Once all the inflammation goes away, then they can operate to remove what is left of my appendix.

When it comes to technical surgery, the USA is pretty good at that sort of thing.


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