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March 20th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

I had a friend who suffered from prostatitis very badly and we went so far as to travel to China to get some Chinese doctor to massage it really roughly.  I know of a doctor in the US who is very successful with a similar technique.  Personally, one can accomplish the same thing using what is known as a crystal wand, because it allows you to apply a lot of leverage due to its’ shape.  I see it as a crowbar for your colon!  Now using such extreme forces on your prostate gland may not always be the best idea.  It takes a lot of time, because ideally the prostate gland needs to be very hot to be massaged in this manner.  Which means you need to be sexually aroused.  Which gets us into “icky” territory.  But I just can’t see how one can apply such hard forces any other way.  A far better option is to use the Prostate Mate once every few days for a few minutes.  I know I plug it a lot, but it is so good.


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