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March 19th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

I was having a conversation today with some friends and we were discussing how everyone in NYC is on prescription drugs of some sort, be they SSRIs, sleeping pills, painkillers… and how when we were growing up nobody was on any of this stuff.  No kids in class were on Adder*l or any of that noise.  I think when I went to high school there was one kid in 3,000 (I went to a big high school) who was on Lithium because he tried to kill himself.  The lithium worked and he was happy for the rest of the 4 years he was in high school.

So I remarked that it is really no surprise that everyone in NYC is doped out of their mind because this city is truly horrible.  All these fools moving to NYC are exactly that.  This place is hell for several reasons:

1.It’s expensive.  Apartments start at $3,000/month and move up from there.  Back in the 1970′s nobody wanted to live here and it was cheap as hell.  But all these movies about NYC and our art scene drew every dreamer from around the USA and they have been flooding in for years – not caring if they live with 10 roommates and pay 90% of their income in rent.  Along with these idiots came capital from around the world who thought it cool to be here – capital of those for whom money is no option.  So real estate prices keep skyrocketing and the city is more then happy because it means higher real estate tax revenues top pay the outrageous pensions of the endless army of civil servants we now employ.  High real estate prices don’t just mean higher rents and taxes – it means food, alcohol, restaurants… all are more expensive.

2.Everybody is scrambling and hustling to make money and rushing about at a frenzied pace as a consequence of these high prices.  The hum of excitement that NYC is famous more is now the hum of this stress, accentuated with the endless wail of ambulances carting off the victims of the city.  Not victims of the legendary crime of the 1970′s… that’s long gone… Nope, victims of stress.

2.The women suck.  Try picking up women when they are hustling to survive.   The economic stresses of this town turn them into everything from dinner whores to flat-out hookers.  But over-priced ones who give bad service! They have lost their femininity from competing against  men in the workplace, plus they aren’t even hot.  This isn’t “sour grapes” either… All those stories about hot NYC women are an utter fabrication.  NYC is America’s Toronto when it comes to the ladies.  Sure, there are a few hot women in NYC but you will rarely see them on the street and they are utterly unapproachable.  They are usually being kept in some penthouse apartment and are driven out to clubs at night in private cars.

I don’t mean to rant so much, but when people talk about mental illness, it comes from the world we live in.  The problem isn’t us – it is the world we inhabit.  Who wouldn’t be crazy or suffer prostatitis in a town like this?


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