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Recently I was asked about how to best use self-propelled prostate massagers in the style of the Aneros (High Island Health). First let me say that I have tried lots of different models out there and that my favorite ones are the MGX from Aneros and the PS2 New from High Island Health.  Why are they may favorite?  Because they work!  They have a design which lends itself to the elusive “super o” that guys on discussion boards are always chasing down.

But such wonders don’t happen all the time, and I think these devices are amazing anyway and also fantastic for the health of your prostate.  The way you can use it, is to insert it during sex or while masturbating.  When you inhale you grip the thing and pull up on it.  As time goes on, you try to omit any pause between the inhale and the exhale.  This lack of a space between the inhale and the exhale is what will cause the energy in your body to really activate and you will feel an electrical buzzing in your limbs and torso.

Try and maintain this state for as long as possible, but it is probably a good idea to ejaculate before you lose “the buzz.”  When it is time to ejaculate, keep up the breathing and contractions and don’t stop them – even continue them after you have ejaculated until you naturally run out of “buzz.”

This is a wonderful way to employ Reichian breathwork with activated sexual energy via prostate massage.  The only caution is that this sort of orgasm can unleash some very powerful kundalini forces inside your body which can last for a few hours.  The best advice is to relax and not use the mind so much because otherwise you may hinder the flow of energy.  The two most unpleasant places for the energy to get stuck is in the heart and in the head.  It gets stuck in the head because we use our minds too much, and in our heart because our diaphragm is too tight since our culture doesn’t allow for the expression of rage and grief.

Have fun!

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