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December 31st, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

So I am headed down to Mimi Beach for right now to ring in the New Year.  Can’t wait to get out of this luxurious house because the owners are so crazy.  Then tomorrow I fly back to New York City and I will be so damn happy to be back working.  Don’t get me wrong, I needed a break from all my activities but I am so eager to get back to work.  I like accomplishing things.

Relaxing is fun and I am totally capable of switching off when necessary but I am best when I am getting stuff done.  I think most people don’t have that ability to turn on when necessary and turn off when necessary, but it can be learned.  Keeping written lists and spending time planning and reviewing is a big part of it, but you also just have to practice letting go in a Buddhist kind of way. At any given moment, there is an optimal place where your mind should dwell.  Discovering where that place is, and abiding by it, is your lifetime practice.  You will find that as you dwell in the correct places in your mind, lots of problems – including your prostate problems, will begin to abate.


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