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Recently I did a blog post about using the aneros device when one masturbates in order to open up one’s prostate and detoxify it.  Below this post I have taken the liberty to reprint their usage instructions from their website.  I am sure they won’t mind, as I am giving them a link and always encourage people to use their product.

But what I want to write about is another technique that can be used after you ejaculate with the aneros, hands-free or hands-assisted.  That is to take a powerful AC vibrator such as this one…

…and place it on the underside of the penis below the head.  This will cause a deeper release in the prostate gland that may not be felt until the next day even.

Spend the time when you are young keeping the prostate as healthy as possible, so that you will stay young for as long as possible.



Position the Aneros Massager so that the perineum abutment (tab top of the thicker, upturned arm) will press against the perineum acupressure spot when the Aneros Massager is fully inserted into the anus. The thinner, curled arm should be oriented towards the back.

Slowly insert the Aneros Massager about one half of the way into the anus; it will then be drawn the rest of the way into the rectum and accurately position itself against the prostate with the perineum abutment pressing firmly against the perineum acupressure spot. The anal canal, front wall of the rectum, prostate, and the perineum acupressure point will be stimulated simultaneously by the Aneros Massager. At this time, many inexperienced users will feel the urge to urinate.

IMPORTANT: * The perineum abutment (top of front arm) should always press against the perineum during use. It is very important to keep the Aneros Massager facing in the proper direction. If you insert the Aneros Massager backwards, you can not correctly stimulate the involved sex organs. This will drastically reduce the effectiveness of the Aneros Massager.

To ensure that the Aneros Massager is properly inserted, use the handle/guide to position the perineum abutment against the perineum acupressure spot. The perineum acupressure spot is located between the anus and the scrotum, usually 1.5 to 2 inches from the anus toward the scrotum.

Keep the perineum area dry to ensure the perineum abutment won’t slip from the perineum acupressure spot.

When the Aneros Massager is fully drawn into the anus, you will initially feel the pressure of the foreign object. For best results, allow 10 to 20 minutes for relaxation. During this time, we recommend meditative breathing exercises.

Slowly inhale for 4 – 8 seconds, hold this breath for several seconds, now slowly exhale for 4 – 8 seconds. Relax and concentrate on the sensations in the anal area. The anus will accommodate the Aneros Massager and the foreign sensation will fade. Release all tensions and expectations with each exhalation.



Now that you are fully relaxed and building awareness of the sensations inside the anal canal, you are ready to begin the contraction exercises. Continue to breath slowly and begin to contract the sphincter muscle in time with your breathing. Inhale deeply as you contract the muscles and exhale as you relax. Repeat this exercise 20 – 30 times. Now your body is ready to achieve a new kind of orgasm.

Note: This exercise strengthens the anal sphincter and increases the blood circulation to the region. Increased circulation results in fresh supplies of oxygen and constant purging of toxins. Thus, these exercises will not only tone the lower tracts but cleanse them as well. Sexual sensitivity will also increase.

Now you can begin to touch your body wherever you feel sexually sensitive, these actions will add to your pleasure. However, avoid stimulating the penis at this time, as it may cause ejaculation.

Concentrate your mind on your prostate. Slowly contract your anal sphincter to about one fourth to half of full contraction strength and maintain this level of contraction. Holding this level of contraction is difficult – anal muscles will quiver and may spasm causing a vibration that corresponds to the muscle’s involuntary movements. This dynamic interaction between the voluntary and involuntary muscular contractions is important in achieving hands-free ejaculation.

Because the Aneros Massager is suspended unstably within the anal canal, the slightest muscular action and even the pulsing of blood vessels infiltrating the anal canal and surrounding the prostate is detected by the Aneros and directly transmitted to the anal canal, prostate and the perineum acupressure point. These sensations are positively relayed back to the anus, and this chain reaction accelerates to a nearly explosive point. During this session, it is possible to adjust the location of the Aneros by slightly increasing or decreasing your contraction strength. In this manner, you may position the Aneros Massager to a point most preferable to you. In conjunction with the degree of pressure applied to the perineum acupressure point, all points along the front wall of the rectum from the anus to the ampulla of vas above the prostate will reflect different types and degrees of pleasurable sensations. This area is a treasure trove of erogenous stimuli.

Gentle anal contraction is more likely to cause anal orgasms, whereas stronger contractions will lead to prostate-generated orgasms or a combination of sensations.

Note: At this time, lubricant plays an important role to keep the Aneros Massager as slippery as possible so that the massager’s movement is easily effected by the anal sphincter’s actions.

Make a strong contraction of your anal sphincter. As you increase the strength of the contraction, the Aneros Massager will be drawn deeper toward the prostate as it moves in a stroking motion with increasing pressure. The perineum abutment accordingly increases the pressure on the perineum acupressure point. During this practice you can lie on your back and push your hips down against a surface if you like. This helps the Aneros add more pressure against the prostate and the perineum.



When the Aneros Massager gets you to that pinnacle where ejaculation feels imminent, try to stay at this point by controlling the degree of your sphincter contractions. The deep feeling gradually increases and accumulates to the peak point. The muscles of your whole body are contracted and shaken by this strong orgasm without ejaculation. This orgasm comes repeatedly like ocean waves. The duration of this peak orgasm is probably longer (more than 2 minutes) and stronger than a normal ejaculatory orgasm, and this orgasm has a sharp peak rising from a continuous higher plateau stage. At this apex, most of your glands, including your salve gland and anal secretion gland, prepare for ejaculation, but your penis does not ejaculate. It is a superior and different experience.

Another remarkable thing about this orgasm is that it is physically controllable. This means you can achieve this orgasm as many times as you want by controlling the anal sphincter and regulating body tension. Also, unlike the penis ejaculatory orgasm, each of these orgasms will have a different signature. Consequently, it is possible for you to experience several different kinds of orgasms in one session.



Now you may stimulate the penis glans if you prefer. This will bring you close to the threshold of ejaculation. When you feel ejaculation to be imminent, immediately stop penile stimulation to avoid ejaculation and quickly add more tension to the sphincter, muscles controlling erection, and your entire body.

Contract your anal sphincter together with the penis erection muscles as strong as you can. This practice will cause more blood to flow through your penis. You will actually feel your penis expanding and swelling. Keep this contraction as long as you can. This is very good practice to maximize prolonged expanded erection of your penis without a vacuum pump, penis ring, etc.

Note: For best results, bend the knees close to the stomach, squeeze the scrotum between the inner thighs (you can cross your thighs to squeeze more) then stretch your legs so that the penis skin and the scrotum are pulled back toward the base. It seems like the penis itself is stretched out, increasing its hardness and sensitivity. You may feel some pleasurable tautness caused by the stress added to the skin. As you approach orgasm, you will feel a contraction-like movement within the testicles.
Some people have ejaculatory orgasms without penile glans stimulation. Sometimes, just the tension applied to the penile skin will cause ejaculation. Ejaculatory orgasm can be easily achieved through stimulation of the penis glans.

You may also choose to have intercourse while using the Aneros Massager. This kind of ejaculation should be the strongest. When you reach the point of no return, you will feel your anus begin to pump rhythmically, relaxing and contracting several times before the start of ejaculation. During the ejaculation, the strong orgasmic contractions will cause the Aneros Massager to stroke the prostate and other vital sex organs with each contraction. This action will completely empty your prostate of fluid. The strength and the amount of the ejaculation will be far greater than that achieved by any other conventional sexual technique.



To build upon the preceding practices you must gain a greater awareness of your mind and body – and learn to integrate this awareness into practice. The most sublime orgasms are achieved when you do so without penile stimulation and without exerting external force upon the Aneros. To achieve these results, you must concentrate on using and feeling the sphincter contractions to slowly and methodically control the movement of the Aneros and other muscles of the body.

Begin by slowly increasing tension to the anal sphincter as you stretch your legs and arc your body, adding complete body muscle tension as strongly as you can. Perform these movements slowly, keeping your mind focused on the variations of sensation throughout your body.

Try to increase body tension to the point where your muscles are quivering but not cramping. Continue with the contractions of the sphincter – first slowly, then more quickly. Maintain synchronized breathing as much as possible – If the muscles begins to tire, try to hold the contraction at less than maximum (i.e. Don’t tense up) for several seconds at a time. You can gauge this by attempting to stabilize the pressure that the perineum tab exerts solely by contracting the sphincter. This may take some practice.

Avoid direct stimulation of the penis. Continue to add more whole-body muscle tension until this practice brings you to the threshold of ejaculation. Just before that point, adjust or loosen your body tension to remain balanced upon that threshold, without passing over to the point of ejaculation. Immediately after you halt ejaculation, another new kind of strong orgasm will appear. The source of this orgasm is shifted from the prostate to the anus (this phenomenon will appear only when you come close to the threshold of ejaculation without touching your penis). This orgasmic peak will continue for several minutes, much different from the typical ejaculatory orgasm. In this manner, an extended, more powerful orgasm can be experienced. Many users have reportedly entered into euphoric and altered states of consciousness during this phase.

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