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I was reading this article today in my hometown paper.  Apparently Jagger went hunting after Jolie some years ago and she blew him off.  He responded by being really pathetic about it.

But Jagger has nothing on this clown:

Mee and my Dad from UWE Bristol – Filmmaking on Vimeo.

This is a brilliant, short docufilm about some idiot expat from England who marries an ugly Thai hooker half his age who already has two children from two different Thai men!  This hooker states on camera that she is not attracted to this Brit and only is with him because he has money and didn’t try to screw her on the first few “dates.”  This tool builds a beautiful house in her impoverished village for them (and her family lol) to live in.

This guy has a son who goes to Thailand to try and talk his dad out of his embarrassing behavior, but gives up in no time.  While they don’t reveal the punchline to this story in the film itself, subsequent to filming this joke of a marriage, Brit-boy’s ugly hooker wife dumps him and says “Thanks for the house loser!”

There is nothing new to this story which is common in the Land of Fake Smiles (Thailand), but what is new is a film which so perfectly captures  a damaged man.  It is beautifully painful to watch this wretch as he fashions his own coffin and takes a nap in it.

What does this have to do with your prostate?  Part of prostate health is having dignity and integrity as a man.

For example, the other day a friend of mine introduced me to a beautiful young girl who is half my age.  We spent a few hours hanging out, during which time she held my hand and stroked it and behaved as if she had a lot of interest in me.  Even my friend (a serious player) was surprised at the many indicators of interest she displayed.  She gave me her number and said she wanted to see me again, but when I texted her 2 days later I got no response.  I called her the following day and left a message asking her to accompany me somewhere.  No response.  So what do I do? I forget about her.  End of story.

One of the bad aspects of the human mind is the need for closure – to know why.  This is something you need to get out of your psyche because it is almost always going to work against you, and be used as a weapon against you by the unscrupulous.

Guys, the best you can do is to put yourself out there.  Talk to a strange girl out in public that you find attractive.  Caress the hand of a girl you are talking to.  If a girl has beautiful legs, touch them!  If you have an erection, point it out!  Once you’ve stated your case in a confident, masculine way… the rest is up to her.  If she has interest and is psychologically healthy, it is always easy to start a relationship.  So if it is really hard, then either she has no interest or is a basket case.  If you are an attractive guy, it’s usually the latter…

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