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February 27th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

This week is going to be killer as I have so much work to do it is ridiculous.  I was just watching “The Amazing Race” tonight to relax and it is a pretty fun show.  I actually wanted to get on the show as a guest with a female friend of mine.  I downloaded the application but just didn’t get around to filling it out.  I am just to preoccupied with running a prostate supplement business and dealing with my mom’s alzheimer’s.  But I would totally rock that show.  I have a fantastic sense of direction and can easily handle the pressures of that show.  The only problem I would have is if they wanted the contestants to go to South Africa while racing around the globe or something like that.  That country is way too dangerous no matter how beautiful parts of Cape Town look on TV.  Now before anyone says I am being a racist, I should point out that the other day it came out on the news that TWO producers on “The Amazing Race” were murdered while filming the Africa segments last season!  What’s crazy is they weren’t even in a really bad part of Africa like South Africa or the Congo or Liberia or Somalia.  I forget where they were but it wasn’t a really bad place.  Scary!


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