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March 4th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

MSM is a very underrated supplement that is pretty amazing for your health.  It is cheap, and harmless no matter how much you consume.  Much like vitamin C and magnesium chloride, the three together make up the  triumvirate of things that are sorely missing from our diet and need to be contemplated in addition to selecting the right prostate supplement.  One of the things about MSM is that it is said to regrow all your connective tissue and joints in about 6 months if taken in the right dosage.  What is the right dosage?  4 tablespoons a day.  I know that seems like a lot of sulfur, but I can put those 4 tablespoons in one tall glass of water and drink it down no problem.  Naturally I use my trusty Kitchen Aide blender to make sure it mixes perfectly because it is a lot of sulfur.

While sulfur, much like vitamin C and magnesium is said to do a plethora of things, what I am most interested in is its’ ability to help the endocrine system by cleansing your body of estrogen-mimicking chemicals.  It’s a major detoxifier.   Some people have reported that their liver is completely cleansed and regenerated over time.  The liver is extremely important for endocrine health, because it is involved in hormone production.


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