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February 26th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

It didn’t take as long as I feared, and went without a hitch except for some Visual Studio buffer overrun or some nonsense like that.  It was about as exciting as ordering a bottle of saw palmetto, yet infinitely more rewarding.  What a way to spend my Saturday night.  I got invited to a party, but don’t want to go.  Feeling blue, to be honest.  The last two days I have been seething with rage, but now I am just sad.  They say that underneath rage is tears, and I think often times they are right.

My rage began to abate when I went to Sushi Park which is the best sushi place in Manhattan last night.  Why the best?  Because they have 4 pages of exciting and exotic rolls on the menu and they are super cheap.  Also, since it is close to NYU it is usually filled with hot young college girls.  I ate so many rolls, had a huge Japanese beer, and the bill was like $35.  It would be over $100 in any other place probably.

So that cheered me up, until I got home and saw somebody posted a trailer for a documentary about bullying on Facebook.  I think it is called “Bully” and it made be so sad, or I should say it triggered my inner sadness.  I remember my elementary school and summer camp days filled with bullying and violence.  The adults neglected us kids both at school and at camp and let us run amok.  Children bullied each other and all sorts of horrors occurred.  Some of it quite unbelievable when I think back on it all.  Anyway, I don’t want to dwell on it now…


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