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I got a call the other day asking if one needs to change one’s diet in any significant way when one suffers from BPH or prostatitis.

In order to answer that, we first have to look at the culprits of prostate problems, which are high levels of estrogen and excessive levels of DHT.  Speaking from that perspective, we have to be careful about our meat consumption.  Now don’t get me wrong – I am the most hardcore meat-eater there is.  But if you want to be as carnivorous as I am, you need to recognize that beef in particular is pumped with estrogenic hormones in order to fatten up the cattle for slaughter.  This estrogen sits in the fat in the beef.

Now some would suggest that you eat lean beef and therefore escape all that estrogen, but meat without fat has no taste and chews like leather.  Luckily, my all-natural prostate formula addresses the balancing of estrogen levels, but if you insist on eating tons of grain-fed beef over grass-fed you will find that you’ll have to go pharmaceutical and start taking a prescription anti-estrogen like “Aromasin” or something.

Many people buy such drugs from those online, off-shore pharmacies.  It’s funny because  most people think that only bodybuilders buy this sort of thing, yet more-and-more savvy individuals are buying it just to counteract all the estrogen in their environment!  However, you must monitor the estrogen in your body via blood tests (at least the for the first few months) so that you don’t go overboard and harm yourself by lowering the estrogen in your body too much.

A good way to determine your estrogen levels is by measuring your night-time erections…

So my advice is to go grass-fed and hormone-free with respect to your meat if at all possible, and take the right prostate support formula.

Here is a great video on making the perfect steak tartare,which will enable you to enjoy low-fat beef as much as high-fat beef plus give you a ton of nutrition and energy:


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