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Radiation, laser, TURP, etc… if you suffer from BPH or prostatitis, you may want to think twice before you opt for any medical procedures.  Lots of these treatments cause permanent impotence and urinary incontinence because they damage the prostate and bladder sphincter.  It just isn’t worth it when you have natural solutions at your disposal.

It’s the same thing with certain prostate drugs on the market.  Did you know that one of these drug contains what is called a suicidal inhibitor of the 5AR enzyme?  “Suicidal” means it locks itself into the receptor site permanently.  Do a search in Google and find how many people took this particular drug for 1-2 years and are now permanently impotent.  One can have high testosterone levels, but if the testosterone cannot be metabolized into DHT, you’ll never get an erection again.

Doctors provide the best diagnostic tests possible if you know what tests to ask for and are persistent, but when it comes to solutions they not only have a tendency to fall short, but often their solutions have disastrous side-effects.  It pays to research any procedure or drug you are offered in Google and see what the side-effects are before it is too late.  You only have one penis, so you need to look out for it.  I think chinese prostate pills are the way to go, but of course I am biased!


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