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February 2nd, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

As I have discussed before, having high testosterone levels keeps your prostate strong.  People got the idea that testosterone is bad for your prostate because DHT causes growth in prostate cells gone bad.  This is true, but the solution is not to get rid of your healthy testosterone levels because some testosterone will get metabolized into DHT and in turn accelerate your prostate condition!

Rather, the solution – as opposed to saw palmetto, is to take a prostate support dietary supplement like Prostate Magic which supports the clean up of excess DHT and supports healthy estrogen levels.  As we all know these days, it is bad estrogen that is the #1 culprit with respect to prostate problems.

On a tangent, one of my friends at the gym told me today that he went to the urologist and inquired about an issue with this testicles.  The urologist suggested that the real problem is low testosterone and will be giving him a roll-on deodorant that contains some sort of androgel or something.  You apply it like deodorant 1x per day and your testosterone levels will always be swell.  I asked him to let me know how it goes because it sounds really damn cool and won’t take your levels so high (like with an injection) that your natural testosterone production will shut down – at least I don’t think so. lol


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