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March 5th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

As you know I talk a lot about food and nutrition because diet and nutrition is one of the most important things in your life.  You can’t eat trash all the time, neglect your nutrition, and then expect to take a couple pills of saw palmetto and set things right.

So I tested out peapod.com and they totally rule.  Their first delivery was a little screwed up, as they delivered while I was attending a Van Halen concert and since I obviously didn’t answer the phone there was an issue.  The issue being, that they didn’t want to leave my food with my doorman because they were worried about spoilage.  However, the next day I called them up and they were sooooo nice and waived my re-stocking fee and re-scheduled delivery for 2 days later.  I really can’t stress how nice they were.  Like – you never talked to people this nice and it wasn’t fake at all.  So 2 days later my order came and the stuff looks really good quality and well-packed and everything.  I will definitely use them from now on because their prices with their delivery charges are the same as going to Trader Joe’s except I don’t have to actually go to Trader Joe’s which saves me time and energy in a major way.


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