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February 14th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

There is this really cool restaurant in the East Village called Gyu-Kaku which is like a Korean BBQ place but with Japanese food instead of Korean – yet it is owned by Koreans, I think.  Whatever, it is really awesome because after 9:30 the food is 50% off so I go to meet my friends there once-in-a-while because it is fun and the food is quite yummy.

Did anybody watch the Grammy’s last night?  It was about as devoid of life as a bottle of saw palmetto pills.  It just saddens me to see one horrible act after another that then compensates for their lifeless and boring music by doing these elaborate stage productions with crazy costumes and dancing and fireworks… whatever happened to passionate musicianship?

Not that I want to sound like some old person, but mainstream music these days is pretty awful.  The stuff is almost unbearable.  I sometimes feel like in the old days they always played a lot of crap, but they also played some really good stuff.  But I can listen to the radio all day and hear absolutely nothing that interests me for the most part.

Thank god for Pandora and services like that that bring so much exciting music into our lives.


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