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March 10th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

What about taking fish oil?  So many fish oil supplements are on the market.  Which one should you take?  The bottom line with fish oil is you need to get at least 2000-3000 mg of EPA and DHA into your system every day in order to get the wondrous benefits of this supplement.  Yes, I am aware that this is a significant amount of fish oil!  So you want to get the brand where you have to consume the least amount of softgels in order to reach this daily dosage.  This means you are looking for the most concentrated source you can find.  Several companies meet these specs, and those are the ones you should buy.

There is a ton of stuff on the web about the wonders of fish oil, but two great reasons to revisit the stuff is because it is probably one of the single most important things you can consume to prevent neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s and stuff, and because it will do a hell of a lot for your sex like.  As a matter of fact, if you feed these dosages to your wife along with a lot of dark chocolate, you’ll have a monster on your hands.  You’ll need to take your prostate supplement for sure under those conditions!


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