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January 4th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

So it looks like Ron Paul was tied with Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney.  First of all, how come Rick Santorum had like no votes at all yesterday in Iowa and then today he is in the lead?  I mean, in the lead by a hair, because Mitt Romney and Ron Paul were right behind him with only a couple of votes between them all.  Now Santorum may be the Republican candidate?  Who is this guy besides a joke that some sex advice columnist made his name into.  It seems to me that the Republicans want to lose.  Which wouldn’t surprise me as I see Republicans and Democrats as part of the same system – working in cahoots with each other to keep everyone else a slave with prostate problems.

So while we are all distracted with prostatitis, they signed some bill into law that allows us to be detained indefinitely, and now they will put some clown to run against probably the laziest president we’ve ever had.  Obama spends more time on vacation then any other president in history, and hasn’t done a single thing he promised.  Then again, no president ever does anything he promises, but does he have to flaunt it so?

Let’s be clear – I am not a political person and don’t care who is president, but only because I know my vote and my voice is irrelevant and that makes me sad.


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