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When I was young I used to rollerskate.  Then I wanted to take up skateboarding, but my parents wouldn’t buy me a skateboard.  I was a good rollerskater and skated hard, and it seemed natural to me that parents should reward children for their efforts and assist them in the direction of their desires.  After all, if a child loves doing something – is good at it, and shows discipline at it… why would you not keep their momentum going?

But in my case, whenever I was really into something in this regard, I was met with obstruction from my parents.  This scenario with the skateboard was not uncommon. ..  If this sort of thing happens enough times, then the consequences on the child into adulthood are absolutely disastrous.

See, when faced with no chance of success,  the human mind will often convince itself that it doesn’t want the things that it can’t have to begin with.  Like if a guy thinks he has no chance with a beautiful woman, he convinces himself he is not attracted to beautiful women.  This is one of the ways in which we end up fracturing our manhood and creating problems with respect to our prostate health.

Anyway, as a result of my experiences in childhood:

1.I refused to partake in the fun of inline skating.

Then one day I decided that maybe – just maybe, I would enjoy inline skating!  When I walked into the skate shop I was filled with the most unpleasant feelings trying to overwhelm me.  I was ashamed (which is really a type of rage).  I mean, I was shaking with all sorts of sensation and feeling.  But I forced myself to try on a pair of aggressive inline skates.  I didn’t want to slide on rails, I just thought they looked cool!  Pretty soon I was flying down the street and I ended up skating for several years, until I got into this really horrible relationship that blunted the shine on my heart for some time.

2.I looked down on snowboarders.

When I was in said horrible relationship I was persuaded to take up skiing by the bitch… which came easily to me since I was already an inline skater.  But one day I was on the mountain in Telluride, Colorado sneering at snowboarders who were riding with me in the cable car, and some little spark in me remembered that skateboard I could never have and connected it to the snowboard in my emotional mind.  I decided to fan that spark:  I took a snowboard lesson!  My girlfriend at the time mocked me for it, but I did it anyway and I had sooooooooooooooooo much fun.  I hadn’t felt so happy or alive in years.  I quickly learned to carve turns, and when I left that bitch… I spent the next snow season snowboarding every chance I could get – even calling in sick to work from the bottom of the mountain!  Lack of money, coupled with a last-day-of-the-season accident put an end to my riding for a while and then I injured my Achilles tendons taking the antibiotic Levaquin, so I thought that I would never ride or skate again.

Interestingly, before I injured my Achilles tendons I did decide to go buy a skateboard and give it a try, thinking that if I could snowboard I could skateboard.  Nope.  It’s like inline skaters who think they can ice skate. Epic fail!

Ironically, I didn’t like skateboarding at all and gave the board away, but the point is that I completed this drama from my childhood – I got that motherfucking skateboard!!!

So as I said before… I thought I would never skate or snowboard ever again, but as the years have gone by, my Achilles tendons seem to have recovered.   Hence, last weekend I broke out my skates and began to skate again.  Nobody really skates anymore, but I don’t care because I am so happy on my skates.  This Sunday I will upgrade my bearing from ABEC 3 to ABEC 7, and create a rocker configuration with my wheels in order to mimic skating on ice.

I am pretty excited because I can do something again that has no purpose other then bringing a huge smile to my face, and also because this means that this winter I can probably go back to snowboarding if my money is right.  I still have my alpine boots and step-in bindings, I will just need a new alpine board. :)

So take a look at those times in your life when your natural sovereignty was blocked by parents or other authority figures and discern how that has affected your life.  Try and find ways in which to go back and heal yourself.

Your prostate  will thank you for it!


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