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When you are going through the process of taking charge of your prostate health, which is the seat of your masculine power, do you ever get comments from women that your energy is “negative” or “too intense?”

I would suggest you read the book “The Manipulated Man” by Esther Vilar which will give you a shocking wake-up as to the real nature of the relationship between men and women in our social matrix.  If you do a search for it in Google such as “The Manipulated Man .pdf” you will get a digital version for free.

But the point here is that women control men while pretending that they are oppressed.  A man’s emasculation begins already with the way his mom treats him.  Once he is an adult, other women can access this trauma-based programming – which was installed by the mom, and use this programming to control him.

So when a man has a lot of rage (which is a different animal from anger), it is because he is on the cusp of awakening from the programming and smashing it to bits – but he usually doesn’t know what he is so enraged about, and is unaware that it is this programming.

The whole situation terrifies women because they have collectively committed a heinous crime against men: instead of surrendering to a man’s masculine energy and allowing it to clarify them and burn out all their internal garbage, they collectively are guilty of snuffing out a man’s masculine energy – thereby turning a glorious being into a slave whom they can abuse when they are not working him to death in order to support their shallow, pathetic existence.

Now, women have many techniques by which to derail the flowering rage of men about to escape their silken clutches, and one of the most popular ones is to attack the man’s “energy.”  NEWSFLASH: whenever a woman tells you that your energy is “fucked-up,” smile as wide as you can because you are doing something right!  Other things they will say is that your energy is “too intense” or something like that.  Doesn’t it ever make you curious that no man will ever comment on your energy or call it too intense?  If a man makes such a comment – and he is not a homosexual or a feminized male, then maybe you should listen… but if a woman is saying this to you, tell her to go and take a cooking class because her days are numbered!

As I have said already, women fear masculine energy because it means the party is over for them.  It is easier to grasp this concept if you look at women on a collective level as opposed to on an individual level.  The mind of the collective is a lot more powerful then most individual minds, you know… and fears death just as does the individual.

As you become more free of the influence of women, you will notice two things:

1. First, less-and-less women will want anything to do with you.  You will notice women where it is obvious they are attracted to you… will just run away and avoid you like the plague.  Even women you sleep with a few times will suddenly shut you out.  There will be exceptions, of course, since there are always some real women out there who are free from the collective female mind and whom will really be inspired by what you are becoming.  But generally speaking be prepared to become invisible…

2. Second, you will be attacked by women in public.  Sometimes physically, but mostly psychologically.  The more energy you have, the more you will be attacked, because you are a virus in the social matrix and it wants to expunge you.  Sometimes it will enlist the help of men who have feminized minds (often despite very masculine bodies), but mostly the attacks will come from women themselves.

But what’s interesting, is that in these moments of psychological (and sometimes physical) attack, you will catch the resonance between your own mother’s programming of you, and the attack – and this will give you an extra opportunity to free yourself even further.

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