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I found this great article the other day about a scientist from UCLA/Berkley who has taken up a battle against the man to get rid of the usage of atrazine.  Atrazine is a herbicide that also mimicks estrogen so powerfully that exposure of frogs to it turns male frogs into female.

What I love about this scientist is he rap-battles big agribusiness and avoids being branded as a kook by purposely being extra-kooky!

The topic of estrogen-mimicking chemicals is very important because many pesticides and herbicides have similar effects and one can be harmed by them not only due to exposure via direct contact and via the drinking water, but because they can also enter the food chain.  It is my speculation that these chemicals are responsible for the down-regulation of the male HPTA axis en-masse.  In English, I suspect that these chemicals are the reason testosterone levels keep declining with each passing year.

Estrogen and estrogen-mimicking chemicals are also responsible for reproductive organ cancers such as those of the breast, ovary, uterus – and of course the prostate!

But is there a way we can use estrogens to actually protect us?

Yes there is!

There is an “anti-estrogen” used in the treatment of reproductive organ cancers called tamoxifen citrate.  It is commonly sold under the name Nolvadex.  Nolvadex is a synthetic estrogenic compound that occupies (when ingested) the receptor sites in the reproductive organs normally occupied by estradiol and other “bad” estrogens – thereby rendering them unable to wreck havoc on your body.  Bodybuilders use Nolvadex to prevent gynecomastia (growing breasts), and Nolvadex usage has generally replaced the usage of clomid for this purpose.

Nolvadex fights estrogen differently than later anti-estrogen drugs such as Arimidex, Aromasin and Letrozole (listed in order of increasing potency).  These later-generation drugs go after the estrogen directly and your bodies ability to produce it, rather than shielding your receptor sites from it as does Nolvadex.  Letrozole, for example is capable of knocking out all of your estrogen, which is not cool.  You need some estrogen!

If you consume a lot of fatty meats, you may consider the usage of some of these drugs, since most cattle in the U.S. are fed estrogen to fatten them up and the estrogen goes in the fat.  Municipal water supplies are also contaminated with birth control pill residue which is not filtered out.

Nolvadex is IMO your best choice and can be purchased from overseas Indian pharmacies without a prescription as well as from online steroid dealers.  Your best course of action is always to protect your receptor sites rather than monkey around with your natural estrogen production unless there is an explicit need to do so (i.e. injecting large amounts of synthetic and easily aromatizeable testosterone).

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