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January 2nd, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

So I am back in NYC now and ready to rumble.  I call Miami the land of ill prostate health because when you build a city on what is basically a swamp, you end up with a certain amount of stagnancy.  Miami itself is a nice blend of art deco and Balinese style these days.  I rather like it, but life down there is a bit stagnant.  You go to places like Del Ray Beach, Boca Raton, Miami Beach, etc. and you see a lot of people with a lot of toys just driving them up and down aimlessly with nowhere to go and nothing to do and it just seems rather hellish to me.

I almost got arrested by the TSA in Fort Lauderdale airport because I started “Vogueing” in body scanner and pretended that the machine gave me “instant cancer” which the TSA agents  found very amusing.  So we ended up talking and joking and this drew the wrath of two TSA supervisors who came over to yell at their agents for having a good time with me.  I wished the friendly agents a wonderful day and started to walk away when one of the supervisors went, “What the F did you say to me?”  Wow.  To think this asshole was trying to start a fight with me…  I repeated that I wished the agent a wonderful day and quickly got out of there so I don’t get indefinitely detained thanks to that new bill Obama just signed into law.  Can you imagine?  Some TSA supervisor pretending that I cursed at him?  Ridiculous!  Some people just hate happy people and get off on abuse.


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