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March 3rd, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

Why is it that whenever I want to go out it rains? lol  I just got back from martial arts and was very excited to go out and hang about the East Village and now I hear the rain pounding down.  Just to vent a bit, what aggravates me is people who always say, “It’s all in how you look at it.”  Like things suck and you gripe and they say something like that.  They are right, of course… but they are still retarded – like winning the special olympics.  Just imagine some guy is in a wheelchair or something.  That really sucks.  He’s depressed and angry – naturally, and some patronizing moron says: “It’s how you look at it.”  It just annoys me so much.  Not as annoying as having a prostate problem and wasting your time with saw palmetto, but pretty damn annoying nonetheless.  A lot of people on this planet have shitty experiences all the damn time.  They have nothing to look forward to and you are better off saying nothing or just feeling into it then blocking it out with some stupid patronizing commentary.  Or doing something to improve the quality of their life.  Of course, if you are a Buddha and really are capable of smiling while the worst horrors are happening to you, then I won’t be annoyed and will ask for instruction. lol


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