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January 13th, 2013 Posted in Uncategorized

As you know, I am always trying out new prostate massagers.  Recently I’ve noticed that Nexxus has this one on the market:









I found this interesting because there are two forces at play in the male “super o.”  The first is the stimulation of the prostate itself, but the second (and more important) is the stimulation of the anal canal itself – by the tailbone.  This massager looks promising because the “ribbing” looks like it would give extra stimulation to this region.

The problem I have is that is costs a lot of money, and I bought the Nexxus Glide some years back and didn’t like it.  The metal “roller ball” is pretty cool and it is well made, the angle just sucked.

But… I found this “clone” of the Titus on ebay for less than $20:











I bought it and is pretty awesome!  It is my new favorite of this style of prostate massager.  The ribbing really does something to facilitate the “super o” and that is cool.  It could provide a little more stimulation on the prostate, I think, but my prostate is so small and soft after years of doing this that I don’t think anything would do the job anymore!  Besides, the real somatic release comes from the anal canal so who cares?

One day someone will come up with a design that will pretty much guarantee “lift off.”  Until that time, so far the best bets are this one from ebay, and of course the Aneros MGX and the PS2/new from High Island Health.




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