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February 10th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

I thought that would be funny title for a post.   Something I don’t talk about much is that my mother has alzheimers and it really sucks.  So I am always trying things to help her out.  Clearly saw palmetto or any other prostate remedy is of no relevance to her.

The latest idea I had is to give her calf brains from New Zealand calves.  Scientist have proved that the proteins from organ meets travel to the organs in the human body that match them.  So I got to thinking… then today I see an article (I think it was in the New York Times) that some anti-cancer drug (for skin cancer) cured mice of 50% of their alzheimers because it works by building up a specific protein that dissolves the amyloid plaques in the brain.

I’ve tried everything so far.  Iodine, magnesium, etc., and she gets IV vitamin C every week.  So far, all I’ve given her is even more amazing health.  It’s frustrating because  you will here about people who get cured of all sorts of incurables on the internet, and I’ve even known some in person.  But with alzheimers… you never hear about any cures.

Who knows? Maybe calf brains will work for my mom.  If not, I will keep looking…


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