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March 5th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

I was blogging yesterday about my experience with peapod.com so far.  Yes, I know keep giving them a backlink but I am doing it out of respect because their company is so good.  They aren’t giving me any commissions! lol  Anyway, so I just want to report that today I actually cooked and ate some of that meat I ordered and it is good quality!  I am very happy with them.

Speaking of diet and nutrition as usual, I hope everyone is consuming their 2 fat Brazil nuts every single day to make sure they get their daily dosage of selenium (approximately 200mcg) which is critical for male sexual health and stacking the odds in your favor that you won’t get prostate or colon cancer.

I am also continuing my latest experiment of rubbing 1000mg of magnesium chloride into my skin on a daily basis so I can take my magnesium levels beyond the bowel tolerance threshold which would be like 700mg a day.  So when I combine oral and transdermal magnesium chloride intake I am at 1500mg a day.  One of the main things that motivated me was to see if the transdermal magnesium will have an effect on my DHEA levels.  I should know within a month or so.


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