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February 24th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

You know what sucks more then saw palmetto supplements that don’t work?  Fridays that rain.  I woke up this morning and all it did was rain.  I was looking forward to shopping for a new pair of shoes with a new friend, bumming around a bit in Soho in the sun, and then seeing a movie later on with an old friend.  All week I’ve been working my ass off, and now here comes Friday and it rains.  Nobody wants to be out in the rain, myself included!   It absolutely sucks.

Anyway, I just got home from my 4x per week “fight club” of sorts and all I have to look forward to is an evening of work now.  I want to install Microsoft Office because I hate OpenOffice and have been using Microsoft Works instead, and it is time to upgrade to Windows 7 because it has been out long enough that the bugs are all worked out.  I have been using Vista for the longest time now and because I waited so long to install it, all the bugs were worked out and I consider it the best OS that Microsoft has ever put out.  But it is time to upgrade, so I will have to endure the process which hopefully won’t be with any problems.


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