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February 20th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

So my father has been telling me that for the last few years he wakes up every morning and has incredible pain in his lower body.   The moment he gets up and moves around, his pain vanishes.  What’s weird is that as he wakes up and lays there in pain, despite the fact that getting up will make the pain go away, his impulse is just to lay there – because he feels as if he can barely get up.

It is very hard to find information about this on the internet, and every doctor is like: “For an 82 year old you are in better shape then any 40 year old we have ever seen – just enjoy your good health!”  But this mystery ailment stumps me.  Both him and I suspect it is stress-related due to the fact he is the primary caregiver for my mom who has Alzhemier’s.  He takes Prostate Magic every day instead of saw palmetto, along with over 600mg of magnesium chloride.  So I heard from a retired friend of mine who was suffering from arthritis so bad he was driving around on one of those motorized chairs.  He claims he bought this Amish product called “Green Supreme” or something that is made from barley grass I believe.  So I just bought two bottles and will give them to my father and see if it does anything for his condition.


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