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January 19th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

So I have been sampling the snack selection at Trader Joe’s which is the king of comfort foods and I am really feeling their veggie chips and granola bars with the tarty chocolate chips.  But what I really like is their frozen shrimp tempura.  Cheap and yummy!  Unfortunately, all of the frozen fish at Trader Joe’s is old because it has that fishy smell and taste.  I guess they can’t help it, and I overlook it as a result.

Speaking of fish, a lot of you taking saw palmetto and such cut out red meat and eat more fish, but this may not always be the best idea.  These days you should always ask where your fish comes from.  If you find out it comes from the Gulf of Mexico or the Sea of Japan, just forget about it.

Eating red meat has nothing to do with the health of the prostate except for the fact that a lot of red meat has a lot of estrogen which may not be good for the prostate – it depends on the state of the endocrine system in each individual.  Hell, there is always grass-fed too that doesn’t have female hormones pumped into it in feed lots.

But with fish you can get some nasty poisons that are much harder to deal with then excessive estrogen.  So be careful!  These days eating from the sea is fraught with danger.


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