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Avistate Bottle

My issue with Avistate is that they took every ingredient they could find that is known to have some effect on prostate health and just threw them all together. The trouble is the dosages are way too low to have any impact whatsoever in my opinion.

25mcg of selenium? You need nearly 10x that amount to have a positive impact on the prostate gland.

Pygeum and nettle extracts are beneficial (well, specifically the nettle), but look how low the dosages are (especially the nettle). Might as well have an empty capsule! The lycopene is only 5mg!

The only advantage to having such low dosages of active ingredients is that you won’t get a lot of the soy isoflavones into your system. Soy increases estrogens, and estrogen outstripping androgens in your “hormonal soup” is the reason you have prostate problems to begin with!

Avistate Ingredients

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